Parents and Guardians,

Please understand that if you are checking out your student from school and have not previously contacted the Attendance Office, there may be an extended wait time.

  • Extended Wait Times include the first 10 minutes of any period and the last 10 minutes of any period.

  • We are unable to call out any students during Nutrition Break and Lunch.

  • Due to staffing, we may not be able to call out any student during the last 15 minutes of the school day.

Please see RBV Attendance policies below for more information.

Thank you for understanding,

RBV Admin and Attendance

RBVHS Attendance Telephone Numbers

Direct line for English 760-598-0127

Direct line for English & Spanish 760-598-0129

RBVHS Attendance Office Hours

Regular School Days

Monday- Friday

7:30 AM - 3:30 PM


Monday- Friday Evenings

5:00 PM - 8:00 PM

The RBV Attendance office is closed on holidays and weekends.
Summer hours in June, July, and August do not include evenings.


To excuse students, call or come in no later than 72 hours (3 school days) from the date of absence. A maximum of 10 (state recognized) excused days per school year without a Professional/Medical note is allowed. On the 3rd day of a non-state recognized excuse, the student is truant.

Night Call

Automated night call goes out to inform Parent/Guardian if a student was not excused for a late, tardy, and/or truant from period(s). Please keep your phone numbers current at school for emergencies and to receive night automated attendance calls.

Off Campus Pass

Off Campus passes are not given to the students in advance. Off campus passes allow the student to leave the classroom and the campus at the requested time. Student drivers will need to show their driver's license when picking up their off campus pass.


Disturbing classrooms interrupts students from learning and teachers from teaching. For this reason we cannot deliver notes, items, or passes to the classroom. Emergency interruptions will need to be approved by administration.

Drop Off Items

The Attendance Office cannot call students from class to pick up items. Parents may choose to leave small items such as homework, books/binders, PE clothes, lunch, etc. on the table for students to pick up during passing periods, break, or lunch. NO money. No large, heavy, bulky items. No balloons or flowers. No football gear.

Vacation Saturday School

Vacation Saturday School is for students who need to make up attendance loss due to non-state recognized absences such as vacation, religious retreat (if more than 4 hrs per semester), family event, or non-school sport. It is important to contact the attendance office and complete a Vacation Saturday School Contract. This program is for students who have a good attendance record and is not held in the same area as regular Saturday School.

Attendance Procedures VUSD

In compliance with AB 1698, the 1st notification of truancy letter is sent home when three unexcused absences have occurred. The 2nd and 3rd letters are sent at six and nine unexcused absences. If you receive an attendance letter, please call the attendance office. Do not contact the Principal as the letters suggest parents do.

A student with more than nine unexcused absences may be scheduled for a hearing with the district's School Review Board (SARB). Absence verification should be provided to the school within 72 hours (3 school days) to notify the school's attendance office with the reason for the absence (VUSD Board Policy 5005D). A student who has been excused from school 10 days by phone will be required to provide a written verification on a medical, legal, or bereavement professional letterhead for all additional absence.

Board Policy on Early Release

Vista Unified Administrative Regulation No. 5142 on School Safety now requires all schools to release students, prior to school dismissal, only to an adult in possession of a valid, government issued photo ID who is the student's parent or guardian, or is on the emergency card with approval from the parent or guardian. RBV will no longer allow students to pick up an "early release pass'and leave campus early (unless their school day is officially over) without satisfying the legal requirement of this board policy. This includes students who drive to school. This will be accomplished by a confirmation phone call from the school based on the information found on the Emergency Contact Card. If the parent cannot reached, the student will not be released. We apologize for any future inconvenience this may bring to you or your student.

Póliza Nueva del Distrito

El Reglamento Administrativo No. 5142 del distrito escolar de Vista, sobre la Seguridad Escolar, ahora requiere que todas las escuelas dejen salir a los estudiantes (antes de la salida programada) sólo con un adulto en posesión de una identificación válida y oficial, con fotografía, que sea el padre o tutor del estudiante, o este en la tarjeta de emergencia con la aprobación de los padres o el tutor. RBV ya no permitirá a los estudiantes que recojan un pase de salida tempranera (si no han terminado ellos su día escolar) y salir de la escuela antes de tiempo sin cumplir el requisito legal de esta póliza. Esto incluye a los estudiantes que conducen a la escuela. Si un estudiante es menor de 18 años, tendrán, a partir de ahora, que presentarse a la oficina con un padre/ tutor / o contacto de emergencia con permiso de los padres/o el tutor, antes de ser permitidos a salir el campo de RBV antes de la salida oficial, especialmente si tienen una cita. Se confirmaran las solicitudes por los estudiantes con una llamada a casa usando la tarjeta de emergencia. Si no damos con el padre o tutor legal, el estudiante no podrá irse. Nos disculpamos por cualquier inconveniente futuro que esto pueda traer a usted o a su hijo.