Safety and Social-Emotional Well Being

At RBV, we are committed to the safety and personal/social wellbeing of our community. We understand that we live in a complex world after our pandemic and other social issues have caused us all pause to reflect on our own worlds.

We want our Longhorn Community to continue with “If you see/hear something, say something.”

PSST World is a quick, safe, secure, and anonymous way to report school safety situations, including bullying, cyber bullying, abuse, conflicts, controlled substances, weapons, suicidal thoughts, vandalism, discrimination, threats, and any other safety concern. When reporting the situation, students do not need to

leave their name.

Thank you, for everything you do to help keep RBV and VUSD a safe place to learn and grow!

How to create a PSST shortcut on an IOS (Apple) device

● How to create a PSST shortcut on an Android device

RBV Administrators, teachers, and staff are pre-designated with specific duties to perform in a crisis. For

security purposes, these plans are not posted online. Parents may make an appointment with the school's

office to view the Comprehensive Safety School Plan in person.

RBV Safety Tenets

  • The #1 priority for school staff is the safety of all students and staff.
  • During a school emergency, students are generally safest at their school sites.
  • Parents should carry their children’s school phone numbers with them at all times.
  • Parents should contact the school office immediately if contact numbers have been changed.
  • At all times, parents should carry their photo ID to the school site when picking up their children.
  • During a community-wide emergency, we will use our REMIND app, and School Messenger Email and/or voice.
  • During a Lockdown or Secure Campus, no one is permitted to leave, and no one, including a parent, is allowed on campus.
  • Text messaging and cell phone use should be kept to a minimum so as to not affect emergency
  • communication.

RBV Commitment to Growth

  1. In an ongoing effort to prioritize school safety, our team has taken the following steps in the Spring of 2022
  2. SDCOE safety training for VUSD Administrators
  3. Active campus supervision by Administration and Campus Assistants
  4. Consistent communication with SDCOE, VUSD, and Sheriff Teams
  5. Training, practice, drills, and debriefing (drills to be held after Spring Break)
  6. Improve communication to students, staff, and the community with the use of REMIND and School Messenger

Personal Social Well Being

(Fall 2021-Winter 2022)

  1. Counselors presented a mindfulness activity to all students
  2. Each staff meeting, all teachers are received Trauma content
  3. All teachers received an Introduction to Multi tiered Systems of Supports (MTSS)
  4. A workgroup launched the creation of the RBV MTSS Tier 2 Academic Supports
  5. Administrators and Counselors completed Building Trauma-Sensitive Schools

(Spring 2022)

  1. Continue safety and personal social well being professional development with staff and
  2. administrators
  3. Continue access to Social Workers
  4. Monthly Coffee with the Principal Meetings
  5. Principal's Advisory Council (PAC) with students
  6. Continue Counselors three year training to implement core curriculum, student planning, Tier activities
  7. Principal and Community Liaison Home Visits

COVID Response

The novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continues to be a developing worldwide emergency. The information contained here is current as of 03/2022 unless otherwise noted and is subject to change anytime.