Good and Bad Apps for Teens

Bad Teen Apps

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Digital Citizenship Video

Snapchat Safety

Kik Messenger: Trouble for Teens

Learn Teen Snapchat Tips from 4 High School Students

Digital Citizenship Resources for Parents and Students

RBV is committed to helping students learn what it means to have good digital citizenship in the 21st century. Teachers provide lessons that are ageappropriate during classroom instruction. Below are links to resources for the safe and appropriate use of internet resources and social media.

How parents can support the on-going efforts of our school:

  • Model and practice good digital citizenship at home.
  • Monitor what your students do on the internet, especially any social networking sites they may belong to.
  • Check the logs and cache on your home computer(s).
  • Model appropriate use of cell phones.
  • Talk to your students about digital citizenship and what to do if they encounter inappropriate content.


Information and education for media and technology. Sections for Parents, Educators, Reviews (tv, movies, apps, games, websites, etc.), and the Making Sense Blog.


Tips and strategies for raising children in a digital age. Includes articles on video games, computers, advertising, online, mobile apps, and more.

A Thin Line

Information for teens on digital use and abuse and encourages them to take control of their online actions. Sponsored by MTV.

Digital Citizenship: Resource Roundup

Website/magazine edutopia provides information on a variety of educational topics. This page has a collection of articles, videos, and resources on cyberbullying, netiquette, and internet safety.


Articles, tips, videos, presentations, discussions starters on 15 different topics with separate sections for parents, kids, tweens, and teens. Sponsored by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.


Through animated videos, games, short films, and interactive comics, this site is designed to help tweens and teens make safer choices online. Created through a partnership with Sprint and NetSmartz.

Connect Safely

A nonprofit organization to educate users of technology about safety, privacy and security. Includes research-based safety tips, parents' guidebooks, advice, news and commentary on all aspects of tech use and policy.

OnGuard Online

Library of resources with good definitions sponsored by the federal government's website to help parents talk to their children about safe, secure, and responsible online behavior. Includes sections for both parents and kids.


Animated, curricular content for students and parents with an entire section devoted to digital citizenship. It includes a separate section for students in kindergarten through 3rd grade.

THINK Before You Post



Social media is a technology staple, especially for teens. More than likely they are using sites you haven't even heard of. If you aren't already monitoring your teens' use of social media, you should. While social media can be a very positive tool for teens, it can also be dangerous. Our teens need hep navigating the world of technology and digital citizenship. Please read this informative article, 15 Apps and Websites Kids Are Heading to After Facebook, to learn more about what social media sites are out there and what concerns you need to be aware of with each one.