Earning a grade of "D" or "F" will impact 4-year college eligibility. A grade of "F" will also impact high school graduation. Below are some options for students who need to repeat and/or make up credits/courses.



Rancho offers internet based, self-paced credit recovery classes for core classes and a few electives. Students must complete enrollment set up and take proctored tests/finals in room 218. At this time, Edgenuity (for credit) is only offered during the traditional school year. See your school counselor to register.


You can print a handout of the information below here

Off Campus Course Approval Form

Prior to enrolling in any off campus course, students must review and complete a VUSD Off Campus Course Approval Form to receive credit for the course in VUSD. This form is used to validate the course(s) for credit towards VUSD high school graduation. Student must arrange for official transcripts to be provided to our registrar for on campus credit. You can print a VUSD Off Campus Course Approval Form here or pick one up in the Counseling Office.

Community College

High school students may consider taking community college courses for high school credit (with some classes counting as college prep). However, you must have classes pre-approved using the VUSD Off Campus Course Approval Form. Be aware that there will be a cost to take the class. In addition to the VUSD paperwork, each college has its own registration process, forms, and assessment tests to be allowed to enroll. Courseopportunities may be limited. If considering Community College, please first contact the college for their enrollment requirements and course options:

Charter and Online Schools

These schools are not affiliated with the Vista Unified School District. These options are listed below without implied or intended endorsement. All aspects of involvement (scheduling, communications, fees) along with verifying course approval ('a-g', college, NCAA, etc.) are the responsibility of the student & their family. Students should discuss plans with their assigned counselor. You must have classes pre-approved using theVUSD Off Campus Course Approval Form.

Pacific View Charter (PVC requires a Counselor Permission Form to be completed by your counselor)

BYU Online Independent Study (Extra cost)