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Physical Education classes are performance-based, and students are expected to dress out and participate on a daily basis. Students are expected to wear appropriate clothing (tshirt and shorts/sweats) and athletic shoes. Clean loaner PE clothes are available for students who forget theirs, and they are returned at the end of the period (ID card will be held until the clothes are returned).

Class Expectations

  • Be on time!

  • Dress out every day!

  • Show respect for people and property!

  • Be responsible--follow the rules!

  • Do your best!

Grades in PE are based on points earned each week. Points may be earned for participation, dressing out, attendance, fitness, and other assignments. Students do not earn points when they are absent or do not dress out, but they may make up points after school during the week prior to the end of each grading period (September 10-14, October 22-26, December 10-14, February 19-22, April 8-12, May 28-31). Students should speak with their teachers about making up points.

Parents and students should regularly monitor student progress using Aeries Parent and Student Portals. Teachers update grades on a weekly basis.

Consequences for not Dressing Out (non-suit)

Students who do not dress out do not earn points for the day. Per department policy, students who have eight non-suits will fail the semester. In addition, students who do not dress out will lose daily points.

Students who have a Medical Excuse from PE must provide the Health Office with a note from the doctor specifying the exact start and end date for the excuse. If a student will be out more than six weeks in a semester, they cannot earn PE credit and will be transferred out of the class.


Paul Gomes

Renee Kollar-Bachman

Yelila Morales


Merrilee Alexander

(760) 727-7284 ex: 72605

Athletic Trainer

Paul Gomes

(760) 727-7284 ex: 72502

PE Teacher

Kim Harris

(760) 727-7284 ex: 72507

PE Teacher

Eric Jorgensen

(760) 727-7284 ex: 72501

PE Teacher

Renee Kollar-Bachman

(760) 727-7284 ex: 72811

Math Teacher / Dance Teacher

Yelila Morales

(760) 727-7284 ex: 72506

Dance Teacher

Jason Tootikian

(760) 727-7284 ex: 72330

PE Teacher