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Naviance is a program that allows students to assess their personality type, explore careers, majors, post-secondary opportunities and scholarships, and apply to colleges effectively. Naviance also allows the counseling office to submit transcripts, secondary school reports, and letters of recommendation directly to colleges electronically. If you are applying to a college, you NEED a Naviance account. Naviance will be regularly updated, and it will include access to your GPA, tests scores, a scholarship database, the counseling bulletin, and the college visit schedule. RBV has customized the pages for students, based on their grade-level, giving them access to age-appropriate resources for course, college, and career planning. Some of the available resources include:

  • Researching local scholarship options
  • Searching for colleges and viewing multimedia college profiles
  • Displaying scattergrams and application statistics from RBV
  • Registering for college visits
  • Requesting official transcripts
  • Requesting letters of recommendation
  • Accessing Web links and custom pages from RBV (brag packet, etc.)
  • Exploring personality types and career interests
  • Researching careers 
  • Creating a resume
  • Receiving important emails from the RBV Counseling Department  

STUDENT Log In Instructions  


1. Click the "Naviance Log In" link above

2. Log in with this information: 

    Email:          your 9 digit ID code

    Password:   your 8 digit birth date  ex. (01/15/1999) = 01151999

3. You can also log in using the Naviance link on the main RBV Website 

4 Once you are logged in you should update your account and check that your email address is listed. (See below for Instructions)


STUDENT Log In Instructions


1. Click the "Naviance Log In" link above

2. Log in with this information you set up. 

3. You can also log in using the Naviance link on the main RBV Website 


CHECK or Update your Email Address in Naviance 

After entering Naviance:

1. Click the "About Me" tab

2. Click the "Account" link near the bottom of the page in the section titled "Official Things"

3. Click the "Manage My Profile" link

4. Check your email address at the bottom of your Personal Profile information

5. To Update, click the Pencil beside your email address

6. Update your email address in the two boxes

7. Click the "Update" button

IMPORTANT:If you add your email, your email will automatically be your NEW NAVIANCE LOGIN NAME (it will no longer be your 9 digit ID number). Use this email in the "Email" field when you login to Naviance. 


PARENT Log In Instructions

1. Click the "Naviance Log In" link above

2. Click on "I need to register" and use your student's 9 digit ID number with a lower case "p" at the end. 

3.  This is will prompt you to set up an account with your email. 

4. Please use an email you check frequently, the Counseling Department sends information through Naviance to your email.

5. You can also log in using the Naviance link on the main RBV Website